Happy Holidays and best wishes for health and happiness as we fast approach 2013.

Thank you all for supporting Embrace The Difference®.  The program is growing and changing.  There are now more than 40 Charities that benefit from the sale of each piece. We have changed the way the donation is designated.  Each piece now comes with a special redemption card worth  $30 (for most pieces) , $100 for gold and diamond  and   $10 for( ornaments and paperweights ).


It is up to the purchaser or recipient of the gift to go to www.embracethedifference.org to redeem  the card and designate which charity the donation goes to.  The Charities will receive the name and address of those who supported them  and a check on a bi-monthly basis.


Once again, thank you for your support . Each piece sold is helping to spread a message and remind us to be kind and accepting to one another, no matter what difference we may have.


Robyn Zimmer

Creator of Embrace The Difference®