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The Alzheimer’s Association, WNY Chapter is so pleased to be a part of the Embrace the Difference initiative.  Robyn’s jewelry design is beautiful and simple, yet it perfectly represents the connectedness and differences in all of us.  While we are very grateful for the donations it has brought to our organization, we also believe in their vision of acceptance for everyone, regardless of disability, age or illness.

Lynn W.

Alzheimer’s Association, WNY Chapter

The reviews regarding the Embrace the Difference jewelry are consistently enthusiastic and positive. Men and women love the variety of jewelry items and the opportunity for lovely gifts! Staff and families have expressed their positive feelings about “Embrace the Difference”, and love the significance of the name. Bornhava is most grateful for the promptness we receive the bonus from purchases These financial gifts enable Bornhava to provide the extras that are so significant to children—We are most thankful.

Barbara-Jo H.


Embrace the Difference is not only beautiful, but it speaks to people. When you see someone with an Embrace the Difference piece, you are curious to know their story. Danceability, a dance and movement program for children and adults with special needs and their families, is thrilled to be one of the Embrace the Difference charities. The donations we have received are making a difference for our dancers. We all can’t wait to see what piece of jewelry is next!

Robin Bishop

Co-Executive Director, Danceability

My precious son had passed only a few weeks after his fourteenth birthday.  He was born with a rare disorder called Joubert Syndrome.  I was looking for something that I could wear that would keep his beautiful memory close to me  and found myself at the counter of Reed’s Jewelry.  I remembered an advertisement I saw about a collection designed by a parent of a child with developmental differences called Embrace the Difference. The staff at the store could not have been more understanding as I described why I was there and my search for a one of kind piece and they immediately contacted Robyn.

She created a version of the two tone Embrace the Difference ring that is as extraordinary as my Eric.

I proudly wear it daily as it connects me to my son in a new way that pictures and memories could not.  It inspires me to continue creating awareness and outreach efforts relating to chronically ill children in need of specialized long term care facilities, the mission of the Eric Brigandi Foundation.

Robyn and I connected as two kindred spirits as we share an understanding of the distinctive role we have as parents of children with disabilities. It is my hope that this custom version of the Embrace the Difference ring will be added to the collection as a tribute to a little boy that made a difference in the world. It reminds all of us that “There is no foot so small that it cannot leave an imprint on this world”

The Eric Brigandi Foundation is a proud supporter of the Embrace the Difference initiative as its design brings meaning and awareness to all in a very unique and beautiful way.

Rosalie LaRocco

Founder, The Eric Brigandi Foundation

Evergreen Health Services and Embrace the Difference share the same values. Every day, the Evergreen staff works to provide quality care to the WNY community. We’re so pleased that this jewelry exists as a beautiful reminder of what we’re all working toward: understanding, inclusion, respect. We are proud to promote Embrace the Difference, and to be a recipient of their charitable giving.

Ron Silverio

President/CEO, Evergreen Health Services

As a service provider, “Embrace the Difference” speaks to me on 2 levels: spiritual and support. To embrace, love, accept, and include people with other abilities is what we should be all about. This concept of inclusion IS our mission and must be our passion. To be supported financially from the generous donations of the sale of the jewelry further reinforces the provider who embraces that mission and passion. The Zimmer family “gets it!” I am very happy to be drawn into their circle.

Michael G.

Heritage Centers

Type 1 diabetes makes our kids strong, independent, and resilient. We “Embrace the Difference” as we face our challenges with hope.

Alexandra Kobza


This weekend I went to a conference the celebrated Joubert Syndrome Children and their families. I came across your Embrace the Difference t-shirts and tote bags and was just amazed. As a teacher I am always telling my kids there is always a way that you can fit in….always! Your design shows just that. THEY ACTUALLY FIT!!!

I got a t-shirt immediately and got one for a teacher friend of mine. Since being home, I have worn my shirt twice and every single time people ask where can I get that. I wear it to inspire myself, my students, and the world. Feeling like there is a place for me….somewhere, somehow….I FIT!!!

As a mother of a child who passed away, I am always looking for where I am supposed to be and where I fit…..and again, with your design, I feel like it is possible to find my place again! Thank you for giving me a little bit more hope everyday, more so, thanks for giving my students a feeling of belonging now! YOU ROCK!!

Ashley Smith Chauvin

Joubert Syndrome Children

Teenagers dealing with a cancer diagnosis, friends rallying behind them and all who support our mission of providing support to teen girls diagnosed with cancer have “Embraced the Difference”. We are all true believers that “we are connected” as we embark on our individual journeys. We are connected by our strength, our fears, our hopes and our differences. Thank you for designing jewelry and gifts that assists us with promoting acceptance and understanding while also raising money for Kaely’s Kindness Foundation. We are so very grateful that we have been chosen to assist in spreading the message of kindness and acceptance.

Maggie Dreyer

Kaely's Kindness Foundation

The Embrace the Difference jewelry line is beautiful, both in its design and in the message behind it. Simple lines create a powerful symbol reminding us that we are all unique and connected. As the parent of three special children, each individually unique and beautiful in his or her own way, I am proud to wear the Embrace the Difference pendant and share the artist’s inspiration and important meaning behind it.

Kathy B.

Summit Educational Resources

Summit Educational Resources is proud to be an Embrace the Difference participating charity.  Robyn’s jewelry is stunning and beautifully symbolizes that we are all interconnected despite our differences.  As an organization, we appreciate the donations received and the families and individuals we serve are grateful to have a unique piece of jewelry that means so much to them.

Megan A. Thering

Development Specialist, Summit Educational Resources