We’re so excited to introduce something new and meaningful to Embrace the Difference® ! We have teamed up with inspirational artist Colleen Wall Darby for our latest release, the “Painting a Better World” line.

Like all other items from Embrace the Difference®, $10 – $30 from each purchase is donated to the participating charity of your choice.

I was searching for new product ideas when I came across Colleen Wall Darby’s inspirational art. I reached out to Colleen and our collaboration was born! Colleen got inspired by our mission statement and created this beautiful work of art.


We love Colleen’s explanation of her painting: “This painting is my interpretation of the organization’s symbol. Seven yellow canaries are used to represent the circles and one red canary to represent the square. The birds all sit perched on branches forming a circle and the background is filled with words of understanding, kindness and inclusion. The bird just to the left of the red canary looks out of the painting to draw the attention back to you, the viewer, as if to ask, ‘What will you do? Be exclusive and judgmental or loving and accepting?’

Items from our “Painting a Better World” line include:

Pack of 20 Blank Note Cards
Framed & Unframed Canvas Wrapped prints signed by the artist

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The “Painting a Better World” line is available exclusively at ReedsJenss.com and select ReedsJenss locations.
(4001 Maple Road, Amherst • 3515 Abbott Road, Orchard Park • Eastview Mall, Victor)

Learn more about the artist, Colleen Wall Darby, here.