Recently I saw a story on CNN about. Here is their mission:  Mentally disabled adults are as vulnerable as small children — trusting far more than they should, and loving those who show even the slightest kindness.But, it’s difficult for them to find their place in society once they leave school.

A few may get jobs working in a hospital laundry, assisting with lawn care, bagging groceries, or working in a fast food restaurant, but most simply remain at home until their parent or guardian is no longer able to care for them.

Casey’s Cookies offers a new opportunity. Under the supervision of volunteers, participants bake cookies from scratch, then package and sell their gourmet and specialty cookies to individuals and local businesses. They learn the importance of teamwork and other valuable job skills while helping to build a business that will provide them with income and a safe place to live. It’s an exciting project, and one that you can be a part of. Check out their website.   at