Each month, Embrace the Difference is putting the spotlight on someone in our community who has truly shined in our community & brightened the lives of others.

This month, we are proud to name Joni Shatkin as the first Embrace The Difference STAR.  Joni ‘s daughter Danielle was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was only two years old.  Joni has since dedicated herself to helping other families deal with the many challenges associated with type 1 diabetes.  One of the things that really makes Joni a star is the fact that she is always willing to share advice, experiences and empathy with other families in the same situation. She has helped countless families and individuals through some of the most confusing and sometimes frustrating times of their lives.

Naturally, Joni runs a support group for JDRF and  tirelessly fundraises throughout the year.

She has spearheaded the Silver and Spahhh fundraising event for the past two years.  Joni dedicates her personal time and resources to fundraise for the JDRF.

Joni, and the entire Shatkin family have dedicated their lives to helping others in the community deal with type 1 diabetes and are frontrunners in raising money to find a cure. So Joni, THANK YOU for truly embracing the difference and making so many of our lives brighter. You are a star!

Do you know someone who deserves to be named an Embrace the Difference STAR? Nominate him or her here!

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