Are you looking for that extra special gift? Gifts with meaning, and give back to local charities? Embrace the Difference® Jewelry & Giftware is a unique way to support local charities and spread a special message of kindness and acceptance.
With each purchase of Embrace the Difference® Jewelry & Giftware you can donate to local charities. Each purchase is accompanied by a donation card. You select from the list of charities, where the donation goes. The charity receives a ten to one hundred dollar donation for each purchase, and the names of their supporters.
The symbol of interconnecting circles joined by a square, show we are all connected no matter what difference may we have. It is a powerful reminder to be kind and accepting, for we are all fighting our own battles.
The list of participants include local and national charities that serve people with physical and mental disabilities, chronic illness such as cancer, MS, diabetes, autism, and other special needs. By wearing Embrace the Difference® Jewelry, you are supporting the community by spreading a message of kindness and acceptance and financially supporting your charity of choice.

Become a Beneficiary

Please contact Robyn Zimmer to find out how you or your organization can get involved.