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When posting on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter:

  • Link to the Event Page:
  • Be sure to let your supporters know this is a great day to purchase Engagement Rings/Wedding Bands, Graduation Gifts, Anniversary gifts or Mother’s Day gifts!
  • Let your supporters know if/what time you will be at the table during the event.
  • If using ‘download 2’ use the following text (or something similar): Giveback Day is Sunday, April 29th! Stop into ReedsJenss in Amherst for a fun day & lunch! 10% of every purchase at ReedsJenss will be donated to the charity of your choice – WE ARE A PARTICIPATING CHARITY. This is a family friendly event that supports our community and hope to see you there!


Generic Downloads:

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NEW! Arrivals:

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Editable Letter:

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Letter PDF
Instructions to edit this PDF:
Download the PDF
Open with Adobe Acrobat
Click on ‘Tools’
Click on ‘Edit Text & Images’
Add appropriate Information.
OR you can edit in Adobe Illustrator.


Flyers to print:

Story Flyer