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My name is Robyn Zimmer. As a mother of a child with developmental differences I am well aware of the many challenges faced each day by people with chronic illness, physical, emotional and developmental disabilities. I designed the Embrace The Difference® symbol to show support, acceptance and kindness no matter what differences we may have. 


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My son Sam, the inspiration behind Embrace The Difference®, is now 22 years old. When Sam was two years old he was not speaking and I knew there was something wrong. We addressed his hearing issues with tubes and speech therapy which allowed him to catch up. But in kindergarten, we knew there were other issues. He was diagnosed with ADHD. As the years went on, learning disabilities started to surface and finally he was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome at age 14.

Raising Sam was quite an adventure. Each new school year brought new challenges that had to be faced. But Sam has an amazing gift. He astounds people by his ability to read peoples emotions. Many people have taken Sam under their wing through the years, embracing and accepting his differences. Because of this, Sam was able to grow into the amazing young man he is today.

Embrace The Difference® is a simple, yet powerful reminder that we are all connected, no matter what differences we may have. I have developed the Embrace The Difference® symbol into a line of jewelry that not only promotes acceptance – but raises funds for a variety of different organizations. Please join me in spreading this message of acceptance and kindness.


Robyn Zimmer
Creator of Embrace The Difference®